Our team is innovative / MyBandMarket
Our wonderful team share a common taste for new technologies.

We could have made a detailed list of each profile in My Band Market... but we prefered to give you some hints through these cults album covers. Hover your mouse over the covers to discover a little more about the MBM team!

28% à MyBandMarket portent des lunettes

28% wear glasses

Fortunately, 100% still see their screen.

50% regularly wear checked shirts

85% know how to keep their cool in any situation

Seriously, you should see this.

100% belong to Generation Y

(40% of which regularly followed F.R.I.E.N.D.S)

64% have a pet

57% eat at least 3 fruits per day

71% wear the 3-day beard

0% of which are girls

100% are on Instagram

and 14% speak regularly with hashtags

78% are musicians

(DJs were keen to be part of that statistic)

42% are fluent in the language of Shakespeare

14% take the subway to come to the office

5% prefers his computer to his girlfriend

(and he remains nice yet!)