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About MyBandMarket Music Startup
A powerful algorithm named ELISE

For three years now, we have been developing a powerful algorithm called ELISE. It provides daily analysis of millions of digital data in the music industry.

Engineering Lab

ELISE gave birth to many projects since then, from EuroMusic Contest, a hyper-connected musical competition offering an innovative alternative to the ageing Eurovision, to MyBandNews, the 1st music webzine in France.
We are impatient to show you Loodon, a smart musicians directory coupled with quotation and geolocation systems which enables to find the most popular artists close to your home. It's coming really soon...


We are a valuable ally for companies wishing to invest in music to promote their products and services to a targeted audience and analyse their ROI (Return on Investment). Thanks to the processing of numerous data, ELISE Big Data makes it possible to :
• Know the influence of an artist in a country or a city, and identify the type of audience
• Capture artistic and technological trends to help develop the engineering required by companies to build up their brand image. Below is a partial list of companies we have worked with over the years :
  • My Band Market & Alcatel One Touch
  • My Band Market & Converse
  • My Band Market & SFR Live
  • My Band Market & Sony Music
  • My Band Market & Kronenbourg
  • My Band Market & Euronews : Euro Music Contest
  • My Band Market & Deezer : MyBandNews
  • My Band Market & L'Obs : Euro Music Contest
  • My Band Market & Universal Music
  • My Band Market & Audi : MyBandNews
  • My Band Market & Audio-Technica
  • My Band Market & Belive : Euro Music Contest